My Story

Robert Pierro

Certified Ketogenic Health Coach


I started Low Carb Living 101 out of concern for the growing healthcare crisis in our country.  Healthcare spending per capita in the United States was $10,224.00 in 2017, which was 28% higher than Switzerland, the next highest per capita spender in the world.  Nearly 40% of all adults over the age of 20 in the United States are currently obese, according to data published in JAMA in 2018.  The crisis is real.  We must start reversing these trends if we are going to solve our nation’s healthcare issues.  Personally, I have dealt with my own health issues my entire life, including anxiety, depression, brain fog, and low energy.   Around a year of so ago, I was able to discover a lifestyle that successfully addressed those issues and has me feeling more energetic and happy than at any time in my life.  I thought to myself, why shouldn’t everyone be able to look and feel this good?  I had worked as a personal trainer before at a well known health club, so I had the experience of helping people reach their fitness goals before.  I missed that feeling of being able to have a lasting impact on a person’s health and well being.   So, I decided to get certified as a health coach using the ketogenic low carb lifestyle that had me feeling so great for the past year or so.  Copy of KLCC Certificate of Completion (7) (1)