My programs are tailored to busy working professionals who have limited time to prepare meals and to exercise.  I make living a low carb lifestyle simple and easy.  My program is based around a keto philosophy yet is much less strict and more healthy than your typical keto program.  I believe in counting “net carbs” because it places much importance on getting adequate fiber in our diet.  Most keto programs are lacking in fiber.  Fiber helps you feel fuller and helps eliminate waste from your body allowing for even more weight loss and better health overall.  There is no one size fits all.  I will adapt each program to invidual needs and the foods you enjoy eating.  I believe you deserve the personal attention required to be successful that you otherwise would not get as part of a group program.   That is why I have made one on one coaching my specialty.  Not only that, my programs are more than fairly priced when compared to the rest of the industry.  If you are in any way not satisfied with the results of my programs upon completion, you are entitled to a refund.   I will give you my 100%.  All, I ask is that you give me yours as well.  Its for your own health and well-being which is priceless in itself.  This is a permanent lifestyle change not a fad diet.  Think of this as a wise investment.  If we can prevent disease and sickness before they happen, think of the money saved.  It far far outweighs the cost of one of my programs.  Below is everything you get with each one of my programs.   Look forward to working with you!!!



  •   7 Week Program
  •   45 minute health coaching sessions twice weekly in person, by phone, via skype, or zoom session
  •   Copy of program guide
  •   Personal Meal Calendar
  •   Exercise Counsel and Instruction
  •   Stress Management Advice and Techniques
  •   Daily Unlimited Text Communications
  •   One up to 15 minute emergency phone call per day for emotional support or if you get stuck 
  •   Assessment and monitoring of results
  •   Daily motivational support through email/text
  •   Earn money back through referral program